Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend in Austin!

Well we just got back from the Boys State Basketball Tournament in Austin! This is our second year to go to the tournament, and this year was just as amazing as the last! Flowermound Marcus won the 5a Championship for the second year in a row with top 2 players, Phil Forte and Marcus Smart.
White Oak won the 2a Championship with Caleb Carr, son of David Carr winning MVP!
We had a little hotel drama - misplacing our hotel reservation and having to make a new one at the last minute. It added a little unnecessary stress but ended up working out in the end.
Great trip and we look forward to many trips in the years to come!

April 2012 Update

Tyler has been in T-ball for a month now. Every time he plays it makes me so proud. He is grasping the idea of the game, with his daddy by his side, and his mama in the stands.
 Casey is finally finishing up track. It'll be nice to have him home now, and his summer vacation coming just around the corner. He passed his Health certification - so now he is certified to teach in Social Studies, History, Government, Geography, Psychology, Special Education, Health, and PE. *PHEW*
 I have been doing the same daily grind. Just working and studying for my group 1 license. I haven't taken a riding lesson in a while, i need/want to go out there soon and "get back on." I take my group 1 on May 14th... having discipline to study has been extremely difficult. I am just ready for these tests to be over. I am also still waiting to hear if I have been admitted into Kansas State's Financial Planning program. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)