Monday, March 5, 2012

March 2012 Update

Well a lot has happened since i last wrote. Ty started T-Ball in Forney. His new team is named the Falcons. He is doing really well... Casey and i decided he is the second fastest on the team, throws the ball the hardest/fastest but still needs a little help batting. Casey is co-coaching on the team which is nice so he can be there to help Tyler. Its hard as a mom having to sit on the side lines and not yelling at my son to stop drawing in the dirt! haha. It is really cute to watch - the highlight of my week.

I take my series 66 tomorrow. I hope i pass. After this, it'll be the group 1 license which covers life and health. It has been suggested to me by FFG that i begin selling health/life insurance after i get my license. I'm not 100% sold on the idea just because I'd have to sell the products over the phone... we'll have to see.

Casey is job-hunting. So far he has looked at job opportunities in Slocum, TX, which is near Rusk and in The Woodlands - he is still trying to contact his old HS coach who is in Rockwall regarding a possible open assistant position. Casey is also taking his Health certification test in April. He will be certified in almost everything at that point!
Well, its time to get back to studying -- not much to say about that.

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