Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Game #1 Crandall v. Lewisville

Well we won tonight! Both JV and Varsity! They seemed like two totally different teams than what was demonstrated during the scrimmages (for the better)! We were rebounding, not turning the ball over, and most importantly, making our shots! Tyler made it through both games much better than the past - i am hoping that his old age of 4 is going to keep him more in his seat rather than up and down the bleachers! He has a new friend, Kendall, who's brother plays on Varsity - that keeps him pretty busy most of the time until they start getting into double trouble! One of the mom's brought two ring pops for them and they sweetly ate their ring pops and watched a movie. After the movie, Tyler decided to show Kendall his muscles ... not sure if she was impressed. Anyway, I am really proud of our Crandall Pirates! We'll see what happens this season!

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