Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game #3: Community v. Crandall

Another win! I hope this winning streak continues! I will say this much: I am excited for Tyler to grow up and be able and interested to sit through a whole game. I realize "he is only 4" but holy wow is it hard to concentrate on a game and watch a toddler at the same time. This really isn't any surprise... this is all I've known for the past two years.This community game was supposed to be a blowout for both teams - Casey's JV team won 82-40 and Varisty won 72-55. The Varisty game was neck and neck the entire game until the last 5 minutes or so and Crandall really kicked in their last bit of steam. I wish I could describe in perfect detail what Community's head coach was like... he would pull players out while free throws were being shot and yell at them so everyone in the whole gym could hear. He looked like ex-con meets walker texas ranger.. big mustache, bald head, skinny.... weirdest thing. I felt bad for his players. If that man coached my son, i would probably become as loud as him yelling to pipe it down a little!Anyway, attached is a video of the Varisty game tonight.

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